We offer structured supervision services that have unique features to ensure you exit as a fully qualified behavior analyst while meeting all of the BACBs experience requirements!

The BAM approach was developed by Dr. Josh Pritchard and Dr. Byron Wine when they were building a hybrid program at Florida Institute of Technology. Dr. Josh Pritchard has been investigating the best method to deliver remote-supervision using competency-based mastery for almost 20 years.

Our approach is…

  • Based on the intensive practicum Dr. Pritchard and Dr. Wine developed for brick and mortar programs
  • Using cutting edge-technology so that you can get live, in the moment supervision and bug-in-ear support on the job!
  • Supported by a structured behavioral curriculum that covers all the skills that a behavior analyst should have (including, but not limited to BACB Fourth Edition Task List). Fifth Edition updates coming soon!
  • Provided by a pool of supervisors that are high-quality mentors with advanced degrees (BCBAs and BCBA-Ds) and training in supervision.
  • Inclusive of group and individual supervision meetings to provide high quality skill development, case conceptualization, and professionalization while maintaining affordability
  • Continually reviewing BACB standards to keep our supervisees on track for the exam

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